Boiler servicing is part of an overall home or business’s maintenance regime.

Just like a car, getting a boiler serviced avoids growing issues that can be avoided.

We often go to heating systems where there are layers of issues due to a lack of heating maintenance.

When standard efficiency gas boilers first came along, they were more forgiving than modern day condensing gas boilers.

The older first models were not subdued to a wet atmospheric combustion process like the ones that are installed today.

Also known as “High efficiency gas boilers” they now require considerably more attention.

Like the Vaillant ecotec plus boiler which has a graphite burner seal that needs replacing every 5 years.

As well as regular annual checks to test combustion readings and the overall running of the boiler.

And every boiler as it’s own particular needs.

To get your boiler servicing taken care of, give WSC Plumbing a call.