Boiler ServicingIs my boiler worth repairing

Is My Boiler Worth Repairing

When trying to work out “is my boiler worth repairing” there are a few things to consider.

When doing a boiler service or boiler repair, we often get asked if the boiler should be replaced.

‘Is it worth repairing Versus, is it repairable?’ That is the question…

In most cases there are repair options. The time to consider replacing it depends on a few factors.

Here are some considerations you can use as part of your thought process.

Repairability Versus Cost

Modern day condensing boilers provide around 90 percent efficiency. This means that if you have a boiler that does not condense then you are losing anything between 20 to 50 percent.

This loss is the unretained heat that escapes out the flue.

The condensing boiler only loses 10 percent.

Long term Versus Short term

For instance when you have bought a new property and there happens to be an old back boiler. The boiler is chugging along , is it worth replacing ?

Yes , because the long term outweighs the installation costs.

Your new boiler will come with a guarantee. Which on selected models is between 7 and 10 years.

As long as it is serviced on a regular basis you are covered by specialists.

Will replacing my boiler lower my bills?

Yes , and even more so with the current energy market costs rising. This will make a significant difference to your monthly expenditures.

Key note – the government is currently incentivising central heating controls upgrades. Where the 20% vat is charged at 0%.

If you use a vat registered central heating company to do the work, they should apply the cost for the upgrade with out any vat.

Is repairing my boiler affordable?

If your budget is on the tight side, It is reasonable to consider how cheap you can go.

There are some good quality mid to low budget boilers out there where some savings can be made. However, low budget boilers usually only have guarantees of around 2 years.

There are companies that offer loan agreements as well. So do your due diligence in getting quotes to make comparisons for all your options.

In all cases the payback period gap is getting smaller. In comparison to the installation outlay.

How often does a boiler need repairing?

Do the boiler repairs cost more than an annual insurance premium and insurers are refusing to cover it?

If yes, then your annual boiler running cost is leaving you in the red. Because of this, we would recommend looking at getting it replaced.

Note – not all boiler troubles are covered by insurers. If your issue is due to scale and or sludge then check your policy agreements.

In our experience this would usually invalidate their responsibility to repair.

Is an old boiler still efficient?

Boilers need more attention in their older years. The average life expectancy of a condensing boiler is 15 years. However some of these are still going 20 years later.

Longevity is not only determined by the type and quality of the boiler. Because water quality and general system maintenance are key to extending the life span as well as maintaining efficiency.

There is no silver bullet and boiler breakdowns are a common element to the services we provide. But in most cases they are deemed repairable.

Will Gas boilers be available in years to come?

Boiler manufacturers such as Baxi, Bosch and Valiant are still producing gas boilers on mass. As the industries are evolving now into hydrogen fuel. Most major manufacturers have tested to ensure they are 20 % hydrogen ready.
To prepare for the future.


WSC Plumbing offers all boiler services to its customers. This includes all boiler repairs, boiler servicing and boiler upgrades.

We are registered and trained advanced Vaillant installers and work on over 90 % of gas boilers and types of heating systems.

Furthermore, we are also G3 registered which means we are trained and qualified to work on unvented cylinders.

If you would like to find out if your boiler is worth repairing then get in touch to discuss your options. We can start with a boiler service.