Boiler Service and System Maintenance

An annual boiler service is the best way to keep your heating system in tip-top condition. Because your boiler will be more efficient and safer when it’s regularly maintained. Furthermore, an annual service will pick up any issues, so they can be put right before they become problems.

Depending on the age and type of your boiler, it could be a condition of your warranty to have it serviced each year.

When are Boilers most likely to break down?

January 16%
February 11%
March 9%
April 6%
May 5%
June 4%
July 3.5%
August 5%
September 7%
October 10.5%
November 12%
December 12%

What Type of Boiler Service Do I Need?

If your boiler is less than 3 years old, a standard boiler service should be sufficient. If it’s older or you have old and new parts in your system, you might need a more detailed strip-down service.

For newer boilers, many manufacturers provide up to 10 years’ warranty cover. However, this is usually on condition that you have an annual service and maintenance check. And this must be from a Gas Safe registered and manufacturer-accredited installer.

For landlords, you will need to have your gas appliances checked each year with a gas safety check. You must also provide a copy of the gas safety certificate to your tenants.

Boiler Servicing and Gas Safety Checks

We provide the following boiler servicing options and gas safety checks:

  • Standard boiler service
  • Full strip-down service
  • System health checks
  • Gas safety checks
  • Landlord gas safety certificates

Types of Boiler

There are many different types of boiler. Common types include: open flue, room sealed, balanced flue, standard efficiency, high efficiency condensing, floor standing, wall mounted, heat only and combination boilers.

These days, the most common type is the condensing, room sealed boiler. Condensing boilers perform to optimum efficiencies of around 90%, meaning they help to keep your heating bills down. But they need significantly more maintenance than older types of boiler. So, I definitely recommend you have an annual boiler service.

Heating System Maintenance

It’s just as important to keep the rest of your heating system in good working order – including your radiators and pipework.

For example, we’ll do a water test as part of your boiler service. This checks the state of the water and the chemical inhibitor in it. Because your central heating system contains water and metal, the chemical inhibitor prevents rust building inside your radiators, pipes and boiler. Usually, we’ll need to replenish the inhibitor every 3-5 years.

Even if your boiler has never had proper maintenance and care in many cases there is a possibility that it is still deemed repairable. A diagnosis is done to determine the cause of the detectable problem, following which I advise on part availability and a price for recommended options.

About Boiler Servicing

Do I really need a regular boiler service?

Yes, similar to your car – boiler manufacturers recommend getting a service done once every 12 months.

Is my boiler about to break down?

If you answer yes to 1 or more of these points, then you may need to bring your regular annual boiler service forward or request a boiler repair.

  • your pressure gauge is fluctuating
  • there is a boiler fault displayed
  • you have tried resetting the fault ,
  • topped up the pressure and the issue still keeps occurring

What does a boiler service actually involve ?

The Wsc checklist options include 3 options. Each one of these options provides a different approach depending on the age and service history of your boiler. It is based on both your boiler manufacturer and my own recommendations.

What boiler service do I require?

In most cases this falls into 2 of the following categories found in my service options. Like your car every gas boiler has got particular requirements depending on its manufacturer, age and condition.

In your first 2 to 3 years a standard service is normally sufficient.

Thereafter it would depend on the performance reading taken on your annual gas boiler service and any certain recommendations in your installation and servicing record hand booklet.

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