WSC! Your Emergency Plumber in Reading.

Our Emergency Plumbing covers all of the following:

Plumbing emergencies are uncontrollable water leaks. Because there is no possibility of isolating and containing the escaping flow of water. Here are our top 10 high urgency enquiry examples we receive.

  • Water is pouring from the ceiling.
  • The incoming cold main supply pipe has pin holed.
  • Kitchen sink tap won’t shut off and water is now gushing out.
  • Boiler has broken down and I need a repair.
  • Toilet is constantly flowing and I am on a water meter.
  • Radiator has a hole in it and water is spraying onto the floor.
  • Hot water cylinder is leaking.
  • Water is coming up from under the floor.
  • Cold water storage tank is leaking.
  • I’ve damaged a pipe and water is now spraying out of it.

WSC have been many peoples emergency plumber in the Reading area for many years. We have an excellent track record of great service for all plumbing emergencies.

Smell Gas?

Call the Gas Emergency provider on 0800 111 999 to report the incident.

Or call the Health and Safety Executive Gas Safety Advice Line on 0800 300 363.

You are advised to not go back inside your property. Wait for advice from the Emergency provider.

What does an emergency plumber in Reading cost?

Send in your job details and a detailed description of our services, availability and cost will be provided.

Water Leaking?

How to isolate your cold water main supply?

Follow the link to my blog which explains how to isolate your water supply.

How to contain your plumbing emergency:

For help and advice on how to contain your situation here are some tips below. If you are able to contain the situation we can assist to provide details of our planned services and in most cases can get to you the next working day.

How to contain a leaking joint, pipe or fitting.

If it is possible to access and expose the effected damp area.

The next step is to prevent further damage to your property. Using towels, buckets and in some cases bin liners or, if you have rubble bags even better. Rubble bags are ideal as the lining is tough and flexible to fit in most tight spaces.

You can also you a dish cloth to create a bridge and direct escaping water into a container.

Minimising your plumbers visits and time on site

Locate, contain and expose the area for access. It is most common to find leaks where pipes are buried in building materials.

We do provide all trace and access services as well as remedial making good, reinstatement and repairs work. Although in some cases it is possible for the home owner to remove any building materials to access the point of a leaking pipe joint.


Can WSC Plumbing get to me outside of normal working hours?

Yes, depending on availability our costing bands accommodate weekends, public holidays and outside of normal working hours.